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Cross Country Long Distance Movers is one of the top recommended long distance moving service provider in the United States. We work meticulously to make sure that our certified professional movers are equipped with the necessary tools which will enable them to offer superior moving and packaging service to you.
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We know how stressful driving a new classic car over a long distance can be right after purchase, or how draining driving across many states can be due to relocation. Certainly, both are not fun. That is why we offer professional auto shipping services such that your car stays cared for and protected throughout its trip.
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We offer affordable cross country moving cost which varies depending on how big or small your home or business is, the number of items to be moved, and location to or from which you are moving. When you move with Cross Country, you don’t have to worry about any hidden fees or charges. We will provide you with a flat price depending on your exact inventory.
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Our team of movers are trained at packing belongings in the most effective way. We use moving boxes and other types of customized wardrobe boxes to ensure that your packing needs are met adequately. Whether you need us to pack your household dishes, chairs, expensive wares, gadgets, art works, etc., our professional movers specialize in packing everything in a skillful way.
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Our expert moving teams are trained to ensure the safety of your personal belongings.
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Our mission is to bring high quality, long distance moving services to every customer.
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Our Company top priority is to keep your valuables safe and secure during your move.
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Cross Country Moving Company is the most trusted name in auto industry in the country.

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Good to be true!

4 5 1
I'm surprised by the negative reviews noted in 2015 because my experience was so wonderful. I understand how the sales and admin sides can be subpar, I'm used to this in NYC; poor communication, etc. But in the case of FlatRate, the actual muscle, smarts, and good will of the team eclipsed any bumps in the road along the way. We had sensitive materials over a 100 years old and they never made me feel as if I was being too sensitive or overly concerned. In fact, their bedside manner was superlative. Aiby and his team made what is typically a draining and stressful experience to be full of humor and professionalism. I think the sales team likely undercut the true value of this job to close the deal at a significant disservice to the team who did the actual move -- two moves -- home + storage facility from NYC to NJ. From 9am to 10pm at night until everything was in the correctly labeled room. High-fives all around. Be tolerant with the office -- and the movers will knock it out for you. We did across the country with Flatrate, too. Not a hitch.


4 5 1
All facets of the move with FlatRate were exceptional. From working with Ming in the office getting the inventory list correct and helping clarify any aspect that I was unclear about it was a truly outstanding experience. The day of the move 11/13/15 the two guys were polite, friendly and very professional I felt they went above and beyond with care of my items. Packing up was fast and efficient and I met them at the new location where they brought everything in and unpacked very quickly and carefully. This was a move in Manhattan that from pack down to final set up took only about 2.5 hours total which I was expecting to take a lot longer. Thank you very much FlatRate moving, I'm in my new apartment and would recommend this company with the highest regards.

Best movers!

4 5 1
From the very beginning, Stephen was patient with me to create my moving list and estimate. I even changed my inventory a few times, which was never a problem. Despite any changes, his quotes were always better than any other competitors. Then came moving day, which was even a better experience. My movers actually came early. My movers ELVIS and GABRIEL were amazing, who from the very beginning were personable, diligent, and amazingly fast. Nothing was broken and everything arrived at my new designation. Even at the end of the day, my mother shared how impressed she was. (This compliment is equivalent to seeing a unicorn.) This is my fourth move in NYC and the best. I will never use another mover.

Your Cross-Country Move to Utah Made Interesting

No matter where you come from, Utah is completely different from what you are used to. Moving here from another state can be at the very least confusing. You might have heard things about Utah which will prove to be completely wrong. Then again, some of them might be absolutely true. We at Cross Country Moving Company decided to compile a list of some of the things you might not expect when moving to Utah.

Alcohol is Not That Cheap

On average, alcoholic beverages in Utah cost one third more than in the rest of America. All alcoholic drinks are sold in Utah State Liquor Stores. If you want to get an alcoholic beverage in a restaurant, make sure to ask your waiter what the laws and regulations on alcohol are – they change all the time. So if you are a big fan of fancy wines or brewed beers, prepare to spend a little more after moving to Utah.
Beer in Utah is rumored to be pretty bad. Horrible, even. While that might have been true some few years ago, Utah today has a quickly-growing beer brewing industry, and it is, in fact, pretty good. One of our favorites is the Bohemian Brewery and Grill, located in Salt Lake City, which combines amazing beer with mouthwatering meat. A combination you can’t go wrong with. Another one you should find time for when in Salt Lake City is the Epic Brewing Company. To find out about other beer breweries in Utah, click here .

Utahns are Immune to Snow

If you were hoping to get an unexpected day off because your car just won’t start due to freezing temperatures, or because the roads are glazed over with ice, we have to burst your bubble – in Utah, swimming through waist-deep snow to get to work is considered a fun everyday activity.

Utah Education System Works

Although Utah funding for education is not as high as in some other states, the school kids in Utah exceed average. While the system might not be state-of-the-art, it works, and in the end, that’s all that matters. So if you are considering moving to Utah with your family and raising your children here, click here to see ratings of Utah schools.

Utahns are Monogamous

Sounds crazy, right? The recent boom of reality television has led the nation to believe that polygamy is a common occurrence here, when in fact, it is extremely rare. That is not to say that it doesn’t exist, but don’t expect to see a husband with three wives on your everyday afternoon strolls.

Not All Utahns Like Skiing

Well this sounds even crazier! What do you mean not everyone in Utah skis? Apparently, there are even Utahns who hate skiing. So if you’re considering moving to Utah, but are not sure about skiing, don’t worry, Utahns will still be friends with you. Well, some of them. On the other hand, if you are a fan of winter sports, don’t forget to pack your skis, you will most certainly need them.

Speaking of Skiing

If you are a fan of winter sports, Utah has amazing ski resorts all over the state. Some of the best ones include: 
Alta Ski Area 
- Brighton Resort,
- and Deer Valley Resort.
For a more comprehensive list of Utah ski resorts, with a map, reviews, and ratings, click here.

Utahns Are Not Prudes

They might look like it from time to time. But the truth is, behind those conservative faces, white shirts, and bow ties, Utahns are pretty open-minded and outgoing.

Some Utahns Are Quite Open-Minded

Yes, Utah has the reputation of being very conservative and set in its ways. The truth is that Utahns are just like any other people, some are more open-minded, some less. In fact, in the last Census, Salt Lake City was ranked third place for number of homosexual households. So if you are considering moving to Utah, don’t worry, you will be accepted among Utahns, regardless of your gender, race, or beliefs.

You Are About to Become a Mormon (Unless You Already Are)

Okay, not literally. But the truth is, once you move to Utah, you will most certainly learn plenty of Mormon-specific vocabulary. There are numerous words very specific to their religion which they use regularly in their everyday conversation. Some of them include ward, companion, threesome, primary, fireside, and quad. While you might think you already know what all these words mean, they gain a whole new layer of meaning when used in the context of Mormon religion.

Not Everyone is A Mormon

Yes, there are plenty of Mormons. In fact, more than sixty percent of Utahns are Mormons. So if you are not a Mormon, don’t worry, you can still feel at home here. To find out more about Mormons, click here.
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